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We have the pleasure of inviting you to online
Pearson Professional Development Day event
Motivating and Engaging Learning Experience
Wednesday, 17 March 202110:30-14:00


Throughout her carreer Ania Kolbuszewska has worked internationally as a language teacher, trainer, manager and consultant, providing business and academic consultancy in mainstream and private education at primary, secondary, tertiary and further education level.
Ania is also a mediator with a keen interest in conflict management theory and practice (check out Ania’s youtube channel focusing on successful conflict management: https://cutt.ly/dk5vBAy )
A former Eaquals Board member and Director of Eaquals Accreditation and Consultancy Services, she now continues to work as an auditor for this international quality assurance organisation. She is the author of the „Eaquals Self-help Guide to Teacher Development” and co-author of Eaquals management competency framework. Together with her husband Andrzej Stęsik she has written Use of English materials for Pearson.
Ania is a founder member of IATEFL Poland and a member of Leadership and Management SIG of IATEFL.

Since 1989 Rachael Roberts has worked in Portugal, Brazil, Poland and the UK as an ELT teacher, teacher trainer, manager and materials writer. She is also a qualified life, career and business coach for ELT professionals.



10:30-11:30 Ania Kolbuszewska
Change with the times
We live in a complex world where change is the name of the game. This profoundly affects what the needs and expectations of our students are, and consequently what we do in the classroom. For this, we need the right formula to do what we do best as language teachers: be flexible, show we can adapt easily and teach in a way which is unique in value as well as presentation. The right formula will allow us to move with the times just as our students do. This practical presentation will focus on ways in which exam preparation materials can help us stay ahead of the game and keep in step with our students’ generation. We will look at what flexibility, adaptability and uniqueness look like in practice to give our teaching a new momentum. In the session we will be using examples from the new coursebook series Formula.

11:45-12:30 Iveta Vitola
Teacher’s Digital Toolkit – what and how to use it effectively
During this session we will look at digital tools and resources to encourage students to participate and engage in the lesson, whether it’s teaching and learning in the classroom, remotely or in a hybrid of both. We will get an insight into how students can be encouraged to study autonomously using the Pearson Practice English App. We will look at newly published and approved course materials and assessment tools available and the support Pearson provides to teachers and students who use Pearson materials.

12:45-13:45 Rachael Roberts
The gift of growth mindset
Learning to walk is not easy. Most children fall over plenty of times. But they rarely tell themselves that this is because they aren’t good at walking, or that they’ll never learn to walk so they may as well not try. Teenagers, however, tell themselves this kind of thing all the time. They have lost the natural confidence and motivation to learn they had at primary school, and additionally, they are worried about losing ‘face’ in front of their peers. If we can help our students to shift out of this kind of ‘fixed’ mindset and allow themselves to see challenges and even mistakes as a positive thing, we are giving them a gift which will help them to gain motivation, a sense of control over their own learning and ultimately greater success in school, and in later life. In this session we will explore practical ideas and activities to help students shift their mindset, take responsibility and build self-confidence.

13:45-14:00 Closing, Q&A.


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